It is the branch of dentistry that is mainly responsible for surgeries such as:

Retained 3rd molar surgeries: They are the last teeth to erupt, which due to genetics or environmental factors may present an incorrect shape to erupt, remaining trapped inside the bone and causing damage to the root of the neighboring tooth, inflammation and infection in the area.

Dental implants: It is the most current and conservative treatment to replace a missing tooth, it consists of a titanium screw that is placed inside the bone and after its union with the bone the crown is placed, this procedure is done in 2 phases, the The surgical procedure lasts approximately 1 hour and after 3 months the crown is placed and this phase is called rehabilitation of the implant. In these 3 months it is assessed that the implant is adapting well to the bone and thus avoid a possible failure of the implant. this when placing the crown

Bichectomy: Elimination of pockets of fat at the level of the cheeks, which help to outline the face.

“A smile is the best makeup a person can wear.” -Marilyn Monroe

Crown lengthening: It is a minimally invasive surgery that has been a very successful dental treatment to preserve very decayed teeth.


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