Endodontics is the treatment that will give a second chance at life to that tooth damaged by a deep cavity, the pain of a cavity in the nerve is unbearable pain, this is how patients describe it, this treatment will not only take away the pain of your tooth, but it will also allow you to continue keeping it for more years.

It is a procedure that is performed in most cases by specialists, in an average of 1 to 1 and a half hours, sometimes a second appointment may be required.
It is important to know that a tooth with a root canal will remain in the mouth, but lifeless, which is why we suggest you continue to have a constant dental check-up to avoid fracture problems or the presence of future cavities.

“Take care of your teeth and they will last a lifetime.”

When a cavity greatly damages the integrity of a tooth, reaching the nerve, the endodontics must be accompanied by a POST (bolt that will be placed inside the root of the tooth giving support to the root with the crown, avoiding possible fractures and a better adaptation of the crown) once the post is placed, a CROWN must be placed, this will cover the damaged tooth giving it the shape and color of a healthy and natural tooth. In this way we will extend the life of your tooth even more and the investment you made to preserve your tooth will be projected in the long term.


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