The early visit to the dentist is the key to have a healthy teeth in our adulthood, in the first visit it is sought, that the infant becomes familiar with our profession, just as the infant became familiar with a pediatrician, because he was present since his birth. birth, so the infant will see us as a person who will accompany him in the development of his teeth and jaws, helping him to have better hygiene and prevent or eliminate dental diseases, within the accompaniment that we will have with the little ones, we will assess the growth of their bones jaws and the form of eruption of their teeth, in order to detect any unwanted development and redirect this development and avoid facial skeletal problems in adulthood that end with facial surgeries.

Among the children’s treatments we offer are:

  • Dental cleaning with fluoride: removal of dental plaque, with application of fluoride and brushing technique
  • Fluoride varnish: varnish with a high percentage of fluoride that prevents the formation of cavities in infants.
  • Sealants: they are placed on molars that have very marked lines, in which food can accumulate and form cavities quickly. By placing the sealant on these lines, we prevent impacted food from remaining on the faces of the molars.
  • Resin fillings: aesthetic material that is placed in the cavity clean of caries, in this way we eliminate the caries and protect the tooth.
  • Pulpotomies/pulpectomies: procedure performed when a cavity reached deep areas of a tooth and is touching the nerve of the tooth, causing intense pain in the child, this treatment will remove the cavity and a part of the nerve, restoring peace of mind to the child to be able to be without pain and do all your daily activities.
  • Crowns: they are metallic colored artificial teeth, which are placed on the molars that have undergone a pulpotomy or have suffered a fracture, giving stability to the molar for chewing forces.
  • Dental extractions: removal of dental pieces that can no longer remain in the mouth, due to the destruction of caries, allowing an adult tooth to erupt, among other factors.
    Orthopedic appliances to redirect the growth of the jaws

“Oral health is an important component of general health, not something separate.” – Surgeon General David Satcher

Among the skeletal problems that we can detect are:
• Openbite
• Anterior and posterior cross bite
• Skeletal problems with concave profile
• Skeletal problems with convex profile
• Lack of space for the dental eruption of permanent teeth.
• Elimination of sucking habits such as: pacifier or finger
Among others…


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